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WP Engine review for wordpress : Is it worth spending our money to host ?

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Creating a website has become a not difficult task, but the large number of hosting sites has made it difficult, and we are here to make it easier for those wishing to host a special one. We tell you that you are in the right place with the very distinguished WPEngine platform. Because you are in front of a platform that offers many services, of course we will evaluate it Here, you also benefit from 3 freebies when you request to host a year.

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific web host that offers managed WordPress hosting plans that are completely optimized. WP Engine’s plans aren’t inexpensive, but, when compared to many other WordPress providers.

WP Engine offers managed hosting with good uptime, WordPress-specific security, cloud platform flexibility, daily backups, and other great features. There are a few small drawbacks, such as the necessity to travel elsewhere for email accounts and domain names.

To assist you, we’ll do a comprehensive WP Engine evaluation for WordPress. We’ll go through the device’s main features, support choices, performance capabilities, and anything else you need to know. Let’s get this party started!

WP Engine review

Your site will be quick and safe with WP Engine, and this platform has been recognized to enhance traffic and conversion rates by giving clients better digital experiences.

They are dedicated to your company’s success, and their team of specialists has the credentials to back it up! He’ll be there with you every step of the way, from conception to launch and beyond, to help you realize your greatest website goals.

Secure your site

  • With a speedier website, you may earn more money.

Do you want to see a 40% increase in site speed? To get started, go to the WP Engine platform. It’s better for your site’s visitors, SEO, and money.

Do you want to attract more visitors, increase conversion rates, and improve your SEO rankings? WP Engine’s highly optimized platform has been shown to greatly improve site performance. WP Engine’s free speed test tool may help you find out how fast your website is.

  • Save time while ensuring the security of your website.

Use automated updates, managed upgrades, regular backups, and other features to focus on your work rather than site upkeep.

  • In minutes, you can create a beautiful, user-friendly mobile site.

With a suite of free WordPress themes and development tools, you may migrate your site in a single click or start developing a drag-and-drop site.

In minutes, you’ll be able to move your business from another host.

  • Use our free automatic migration plugin to migrate your company websites at your leisure, and rely on our experienced WordPress support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To get started, choose a WP Engine plan that suits your needs.

There’s no risk because there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • WooCommerce Hosting that is both fast and secure

WP Engine‘s eCommerce hosting platform may help you expand your WooCommerce business. Increase the speed of your website by 40% and sales by 18%.

Our WooCommerce hosting platform is designed to speed up your site and enhance conversions. The transfer of your site is free and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • WooCommerce Stores’ Fastest WordPress Host

Their WordPress ecommerce hosting platform is designed for website performance and created exclusively for WooCommerce businesses. Use their sophisticated computer resources to substantially speed up high-traffic sites by “offloading” queries to lessen server strain.

  • Instant Store Search Increases Sales (Powered by ElasticPress)

Autocomplete and “did you mean ? It also works right out of the box, can be activated with a single click, and is powered by ElasticPress, the industry leader in WordPress search.

  • Boost Your Productivity with eCommerce Blocks

With our WooCommerce-optimized Gutenberg blocks and customisable WordPress eCommerce themes, you can create new eCommerce landing pages and shopping experiences. Alternatively, give your developers the ability to create completely unique blocks that are connected with WooCommerce (without having to know React!).

Reduce the danger of security breaches.

Unauthorized access to the file system is protected by the platform.

  • Managed WAF
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Encrypted global network routing
  • Federated identity solutions

Bring high-performance infrastructure to market.

WP Engine offers best-in-class infrastructure alternatives that are WordPress-optimized. With a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, you may benefit from built-in scalability and redundant design options.

  • Built-in scalability
  • Global network of data centers
  • Managed CDN
  • WP Engine Evercache (proprietary front-end caching)
  • PHP and WordPress updates

Choose your business website hosting solution

Managed Hosting gives you industry-leading speed, security, and stability that you need to start or grow your website.

60 Day Money-back Guarantee*

With a 60-day money-back guarantee on any of our WordPress ecommerce hosting plans, you can try these excellent features risk-free. There has never been an easier method to grow your WooCommerce business with little or no effort and a money-back guarantee.

WooCommerce Hosting Made Better With Ecommerce Plans

To give your site the home it deserves, all e-commerce plans offer cutting-edge technology, award-winning services, and workflow tools.

1-Advantageous WooCommerce Hosting

  • Threat and attack protection at the platform level
  • Shared hosting with a lot of capacity to grow
  • Dedicated servers that are geared for computing
  • CDN and caching optimized for WordPress
  • WordPress and PHP changes were taken care of.
  • Data centers all across the world are accessible

2-Advanced eCommerce Features

  • Advanced product search with Instant Store Search
  • Visual regression testing and automated plugin updates
  • Save time by using premium Woo blocks, a shop beginning template, and 100% bespoke eComm blocks!

3-Workflow Tools That Are Simple to Use

  • Automated migrations for existing stores are free of charge.
  • Staging and development in a single click
  • Backups and restoration points that are automated
  • Easy-to-implement local development
  • Local image compression is free.
  • In Local, you may check for broken links for free.

To get started, choose a WP Engine plan that suits your needs.

What you need to know about migrating your WordPress site

The WP Engine Automated Migration plugin has been used to move over 500,000 sites. In fact, whether you’re moving one site or 100, their average migration time is less than an hour. With these four simple steps, you can get started right away.

Step 1:

Create a new WP Engine account. We provide risk-free solutions for enterprises and agencies of all sizes.

Step 2:

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be sent a link to download and install the WP Engine Automated Migration plugin on your current site.

Step 3:

Configure the plugin using your current hosting account’s credentials as well as your new WP Engine account’s credentials.

Step 4:

Begin your automated migration now! When it’s ready, WP Engine will send you an email.

Allowing migration to get in the way of having a speedier site is not a good idea.

The Proof: According to 3rd party statistics from the HTTP Archive and CrUX report, WP Engine has the greatest proportion of top sites that load in under 200ms among WordPress Hosts.

Effortless site management

So you don’t have to, save everything in WordPress. Daily backups, vulnerability notifications, and more! Automatic PHP and WordPress updates, managed plugin and theme update solution, daily backups, and more!

Best-in-class site security

On behalf of its clients, they stop over 72 million cyber threats every day. They’ve got you covered with vulnerability scanning, free SSL certificates, two-factor authentication, multi-layer DDoS protection, WP-enhanced WAF, and SOC 2.

Maximum site performance

We’re the most popular WordPress platform, offering solutions to help you enhance every aspect of your website. With a considerably quicker website and up to 99.99 percent uptime, you can improve your Google ranking and generate more site traffic.

24/7 WordPress support

We’ll be there whenever you need us. The majority of the time, we react to messages in 10 seconds or less. Furthermore, 96% of the time, the first WordPress expert you contact will solve your issue.

Will WP Engine assist me in migrating my website?

WP Engine’s Automated Migration plugin and step-by-step tutorial are intended to make the migration process as simple as possible, but if you get lost or have questions, WP Engine Technical Support is here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Notify Support, and we’ll take you through the process.

WordPress hosting for corporate websites that are both fast and safe

  • Why With a speedier website, you may earn more money.
  • Do you want to see a 40% increase in site speed? Please go to our platform. It benefits your visitors, your SEO, and your bank account.
  •  Save time while keeping your website safe.

Use scheduled updates, managed upgrades, regular backups, and other features to focus on your company rather than site upkeep.

  • In minutes, you can create a gorgeous, mobile-friendly website.

With our free WordPress themes and developer tools, you can migrate your site in one click or start developing a drag-and-drop site.

Enterprise WordPress Platform

• Consistently provide exceptional results

Optimize your WordPress website’s speed with highly scalable and redundant solutions that have built-in burst capacity.

• Keep your audience safe and your brand safe.

SOC-2 Type II examination, DDoS protection, managed Web Application Firewall, and default safeguards provide enterprise-grade security

  • Custom onboarding, technical health exams, and executive business reviews are all available through a specialized success team.

WordPress eCommerce solutions for WooCommerce stores

  • Increase the size of your WooCommerce store to surpass your competition.

With our customisable themes and WooCommerce optimized blocks, you can create fresh shopping experiences and eCommerce landing pages.

  • Customers will be delighted with precise search results. Instant Store Search is made possible by

ElasticPress is the most popular WordPress search engine.

  • Improve your store’s pace to be among the fastest in the industry.

On the fastest WordPress server for WooCommerce stores, your website will load much quicker.

Client management & business

  • Simplify invoicing while being paid consistently and simply.

With automatic invoicing, you can spend less time charging and more time generating for one-time and recurring services.

  • Use straightforward management tools to put your clients first.

Provide clients with a simple interface via which they can securely submit payments, update their contact information, and communicate with you.

  • Resell hosting and other services to your customers

WordPress hosting, automated plugin updates, and more may be easily added to your maintenance plans.

For quick dynamic sites, a complete headless WordPress framework is available.

  • There is only one headless solution. There is just one price. Everything is at one spot.

With your choice of contemporary framework, you can have dynamic Node.js and headless WordPress in one bundle. Working with several vendors may be a pain.

  • Ransformative results

Pages can be rendered up to 10 times quicker than with standard WordPress. Developers will be able to create tailored back-end integrated experiences.

  • Modern and adaptable headless architecture

Multiple server-side environments, auto-deployments, static and dynamic headless architectures, JavaScript framework of your choosing, and a fully scriptable command line are all available.

WP Engine Frequently Asked Questions

For a long time, we’ve been answering reader inquiries concerning WordPress hosting providers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding WP Engine from our users.

Is WP Engine a shared web hosting service?

WP Engine is not a shared hosting provider, and its services are not equivalent to those offered by shared hosting plans. WP Engine is a WordPress hosting company that is managed and specialized in WordPress hosting.

 What is WordPress hosting that is managed?

Managed WordPress hosting is similar to having a concierge for your WordPress site. Updates, security, backups, caching, and other features are all taken care of by managed hosting firms. This frees up time for you to devote to expanding your firm.

Is WP Engine a good investment?

Yes, WP Engine is a good investment. WP Engine is the finest scalable upgrade choice, especially if your organization has exceeded the constraints of shared hosting providers and shared VPS plans.

It enables you to simply handle upgrades and security while also allowing you to extend your website as your company develops.

What are the locations of WP Engine‘s servers?

WP Engine’s data centers are Google Cloud servers and Amazon Web Servers. You may choose among data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

How Does WP Engine Compare to Other Hosting Providers?

WP Engine is frequently asked how it compares to other top WordPress hosting companies.

WP Engine offers a modest advantage over competitors like Kinsta, Flywheel, and other choices when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. Mostly as a result of improved technology, user experience, and customer service.

WP Engine costs higher than Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, InMotion Hosting, DreamHost, and even SiteGround when it comes to shared hosting.

See our complete comparison of SiteGround vs. Bluehost vs. WP Engine for more details.

Is WordPress multisite supported by WP Engine?

WordPress multisite is available as a premium addition on WP Engine’s Growth and Scale subscriptions. For the Startup plan, WordPress multisite is not supported. It’s also included in agency and corporate clients’ ‘Custom’ plans.

Is it possible to discontinue WP Engine hosting and receive a refund?

From your account dashboard / user interface, you can terminate your WP Engine hosting subscription at any moment.

For consumers who have pre-paid yearly price, they give a complete refund for the first 60 days of hosting..

What WP Engine hosting package should I choose?

You may join up for their Startup plan if you only have one website to host. You can pick Growth or Scale plans if you have a busy website or need to manage many installations.

How do you distinguish between WordPress and WP Engine?

WP Engine is largely categorised under “Hosted Blogging Platforms,” whereas WordPress falls under the “Self-Hosted Blogging / CMS” part of the tech stack. WordPress has the following features: Flexibility. Tools for publishing.


There’s no getting around the reality that WP Engine plans aren’t inexpensive. In exchange for your money, you’ll get a high-quality managed hosting service. This service provides a wealth of WordPress-specific features, as well as great performance and dependable support. WP Engine is worth serious consideration if your budget allows it.

Is WP Engine a good investment?

Yes, WP Engine is a good investment. WP Engine is the finest scalable upgrade choice, especially if your organization has exceeded the constraints of shared hosting providers and shared VPS plans. It enables you to simply handle upgrades and security while also allowing you to extend your website as your company develops.



Ghandoumy‘s meticulous review of the WP Engine web hosting platform offers insightful analysis and comprehensive coverage. With a careful examination of features, performance, and user experience, the article provides valuable insights for individuals seeking reliable hosting services. Ghandoumy‘s attention to detail and balanced assessment make this review a helpful resource for those considering WP Engine for their website hosting needs. Overall, the article combines expertise and thoroughness to guide readers in making informed decisions about the platform.

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