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A “refer-a-friend” program is used by many companies to generate additional revenue.

Similar to this, but on a far larger scale, is affiliate marketing. Websites, influencers, and others receive cash benefits from brands for each sale they refer. Typically, it’s commission-based (a percentage of a transaction), but depending on what you sell and how you want to set up your affiliate program, it could also be a predetermined price per purchase (or lead). Publishers or affiliates are the names given to these websites.

This website includes information about a wide range of products and services in order to assist visitors in making confident online decisions. Certain information, such as prices and special offers, is given to us directly by our partners and is dynamic and subject to change without notice at any moment. Despite the fact that it is based on extensive study, the information we provide is not legal or professional advice or a forecast, and should not be taken as such.Reproduction, whether in whole or in part, is absolutely forbidden.
We receive commissions from qualifying purchases as a websites associate.