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Hostinger is the best web host in 2022

Hostinger |  the most powerful hosting site, many advantages and some disadvantages.. Reviews

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In today’s article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Hostinger hosting, including if it’s a suitable fit for what you want to achieve, whether it’s to build an online store or a standard website using WordPress. We’ll also go over all of the benefits and drawbacks that you should be aware of before getting this hosting!

What is Hostinger Hosting and how does it work?

Hostinger is an independent hosting “not linked with another firm” that debuted in 2004 under the name Hosting Media and grew to a million customers in just three years.

Then, in 2007, Hosting Media established a subsidiary hosting firm, 000Webhost, which provides limited free hosting to members. This was the key to the popularity of that sub-hosting, and it quickly expanded, with the main company profiting from pop-up advertising that display on customers’ web sites.

Hosting Media’s name was changed to Hostinger in 2011, and the firm gained a user base of 10 million subscribers within three years after its inception in the current age.

The startup said in 2017 that it was able to reach 29 million consumers in real time from 169 countries across the world.

Domain Websites, Web Services, Your Site, Affiliate Website Builder, Cloudflare CDN plans, and the option to install WordPress in one click were all added later.

Today, in 2021, Hostinger reveals that its daily registration rate has surpassed 1,000 clients; nevertheless, does this hosting deserve its popularity, or is it due to its inexpensive price?!

During today’s tour, we’ll address this question in depth, so stick with us until the end to assess the hosting for yourself.

Hostinger Hosting Features: Hostinger is regarded as one of the greatest hosting services available, and we can highlight the benefits of that service in 10 essential elements.

Loading Time for Fast Hostinger Hosting:

  • Site speed is currently one of the most important factors in Google’s search results, and Google recently published an article showing that if the site load time reaches 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 32%; if the site load time reaches 5 seconds, the bounce rate increases to 90%; if the site load time reaches 6 seconds, the bounce rate increases to 106 percent; but if the site load time reaches 10 seconds, the bounce rate increases to 123%.
  • However, we did not stop there; we also explored cloud hosting, using the same template and site without any extra plugins. We discovered that the site has improved by 20% and now takes only 0.8 seconds to load.
  • Hostinger recently published an article in which they compared their server speed to that of SiteGround and Bluehost, and found that Hostinger’s hosting is 543% quicker. completed this evaluation.

According to Hostinger, all of its servers are connected to a 1,000 Mbps internet connection, guaranteeing that download times are consistent throughout the year.

Over the last 12 months, Hostinger’s average hosting speed was 385ms, which is a respectable speed.

Money-back guarantee of 30 days:

One of the most crucial aspects I check for when purchasing new hosting is a money-back guarantee, and Hostinger hosting gives a 30-day money-back guarantee on hosting activation.

However, the domain money-back guarantee is only 4 days “96 hours,” and when refunding the money, the price of the domain is deducted from the total hosting price, whereas when comparing that feature to the rest of the companies, you will find that they deduct the price of the domain directly when requesting a refund even from the second day, so Hostinger gets that point.

The SSL certificate and domain domains are two items that are directly withdrawn from the hosting budget (.ES, .CA, .BR, .NL).

Feature of automatic caching:

Hostinger is always working to improve the performance of your website, so they’ve built automatic caching into all of their hosting plans.

Because this function keeps pages in the browser’s memory and requests them again when accessing the same page, rather than fetching the page from scratch, it saves a lot of time and boosts the site’s loading speed.

And activating this option is simple: log into the hoster’s hosting control panel, known as hPanel, select Cache Manger, find Automatic Cache, hit Change in front of it to turn it on instead of off, and you’ll notice that its color has changed to green, then push Purge ALL.

Domain name available for free:

If you’re starting a new website, you’ll need a domain, which costs an average of $9 for the first year, and when you add up all of the tiny expenditures, you’ll notice that the overall cost of the site has increased by a significant amount.

However, Hostinger provides you with a free domain, lowering the overall cost of launching a new website.

There are several data centers all across the world:

Hostinger has 6 data centers around the world, including Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Indonesia, with a seventh data center in the works in Lithuania. This is one of the most important features of Hostinger hosting, as many other hosting companies only have one or two data centers.

And, unlike some other hosting providers that charge a price for each data center, you may select between them absolutely freely and at no additional cost. For example, Namecheap charges a $1 per month premium if you choose a data center in the United Kingdom, but the data center in America is free.

When purchasing new hosting, you will be prompted to select the suitable data center for you; choose a data center that is close to the nation you are targeting to improve site loading speed.

Multilingual website:

Some consumers may have difficulty utilizing some websites because they do not speak English fluently, however this is not an issue with Hostinger.

As you can see, Hostinger offers 33 various languages to pick from, with Arabic being one of them.

Website Builder for Free:

All Hostinger hosting plans include the Hostinger Zyro Website Builder, which is a really neat and quick tool for quickly building your website.

When you pick the Hostinger Zyro Website Builder tool from the Hostinger hosting control page, you will be presented with a huge number of templates (over 200), from which you may select the best template for you.

After you’ve chosen a template, you’ll have total control over it thanks to the drag-and-drop tool, which allows you to edit all of the template’s elements.

Excellent privacy and security:

Most Internet users believe that having an SSL certificate is sufficient to safeguard their website and personal information, but this is not the case; there are several more security precautions that should be taken.

Hostinger has installed BitNinja, an integrated security system that assists you with the following:

  • Provide the domain with an SSL certificate.
  • Cloudflare is a service that protects your website from hackers.
  • Backups are made once a week, with the option to upgrade to a daily backup.
  • SpamAssassin is a spam filtering and elimination service that automatically filters and destroys spam communications.
  • BitNinja Smart Security Protection is a solution that protects against XSS, DDoS, malware, and spyware.

As a result, Hostinger hosting is superior to all other hosts in this regard.

Excellent database:

Hostinger has a fantastic and well-organized database that will teach you how to use all of the company’s services, including purchasing ways, installing WordPress, building a website using their site builder tool, explaining their hPanel, managing private email, domain names, and payment methods.

All of these points are also available in the form of articles and videos, from which you may select the finest and most appropriate for you.

Excellent email programs include:

The majority of Hostinger hosting plans provide superb email features that are entirely free of charge. These are some of the tools:

  • The ability to send and receive email outside of the Hostinger website.
  • Message forwarding is an option.
  • Also, the ability to filter spam messages from incoming mail.
  • The ability to respond to messages automatically via a system that you create separately.

Hostinger has also just integrated the famous Flock tool to email, which allows you manage and open your email using various programs for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Choose Your Web Hosting Plan :

Disadvantages of Hostinger Hosting:

When we used Hostinger hosting, we noticed a few drawbacks, which we have summarized into five key issues.

Poor technical support

I don’t think there will be a site that delivers world-class services in 2022 that does not offer direct chat service to clients, which was a surprise to me when I couldn’t go to the technical support chat on Hostinger hosting.

To use the live chat service for technical help, you must first register on the site, after which it will appear in a pop-up window in front of you.

Also, when I tested it, I received a response from a customer support agent in less than 25 minutes!!! After that, each message received a response within a minute.

As a result, Hostinger hosting’s technical assistance is subpar compared to the rest of the hosting sites, with the main benefit being that it supports 24 different languages.

Once a week, make a backup:

Backups are vital whether you operate a service site or an online store, and when using Hostinger hosting, I discovered that the backup feature only works once a week, which is not excellent, but to be anticipated given the price of the hosting.

When you compare it to other hosting companies like Namecheap hosting, you’ll see that it only backs up once every three days, therefore this is one of Hostinger’s drawbacks.

However, if you need to backup on a daily basis, you’ll have to pay an extra $0.95 every month.

WHOIS is not a free service:

WHOIS is a vital service that hides your identify, where you are connected, your country, and your name, among other things.

Most hosting providers include this service free of charge with the name for the first year, whereas Hostinger Hosting charges $ 5 for the first year.

Uptime of the site on average:

It is impossible to say that the site’s uptime is poor, but it is also impossible to say that it is wonderful, because the average site uptime to work is 99.74, and while you may believe that this is a good ratio, it implies that your site will be down for around 22 hours every year.

When you compare this to other hosting services, you’ll see that it’s lower than most other sites that provide a rate of 99.99, such as Namecheap, thus I’ve included it as one of Hostinger’s drawbacks.

Traditional cPanel does not support Hostinger:

Hostinger developed its own control panel, dubbed hPanel, which may be described as a contemporary, user-friendly, and well-organized control panel that even a rookie user can operate.

Some professional users, including myself, may be affected by the hPanel since they are accustomed with the classic cPanel and have worked with it for a long time and need to finish working with it.

Hostinger’s rates and services include:

Domain services:

Hostinger has a lot of amazing domain name bargains. domains, the fee starts at $1.99 per year. The cost of domain is $8.99 per year, whereas domain is $12.99 per year.

Those discounts are only valid for one year, after which the discount will be removed and the renewal price will revert to the domain’s original price. The renewal fee for domain is $11 per year. For the initial price, this is a good deal. Certainly, unlike other domain registrars such as Godaddy, you will notice that the price has doubled after only the first year.

Hosting on a shared server:

Hostinger shared hosting is one of the most popular plans among consumers owing to its affordable cost and high quality that is suitable for most businesses.

The idea behind this sort of hosting is to put several sites on the same server, with each site consuming a portion of the server according to its requirements, and one site inevitably affecting another.

The shared plan includes the opportunity to add one site to 100 sites, SSD storage ranging from 10 GB to 100 GB, a monthly visitor rate of 10,000 to 100,000, a free SSL certificate, a free.COM domain, and unlimited bandwidth.

Hosting in the Cloud:

Cloud hosting is one of the most reliable hosts since it distributes your site across a huge number of servers across the world and sends data from the server nearest to the browser, considerably increasing the performance of your site.

Hostinger offers three cloud hosting plans: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Global, the latter of which is backed by Google Cloud and is unquestionably the finest.

Hosting for WordPress:

Hostinger Hosting’s WordPress plans are shared hosting plans that are geared for WordPress speed. Hostinger provides three plans: Starter, Premium, and Enterorise.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting):

Virtual hosting is a type of cloud hosting in which the server is fictitiously partitioned such that no one client impacts another. Hostinger provides six virtual private server (VPS) options, two of which are Linux-based and four of which are Windows-based.

All plans feature a dedicated IP, and full root access.

VPS Hosting:

CyberPanel VPS Hosting

Minecraft Server Hosting

Is Hostinger a Good Choice for WordPress Sites?

Yes, Hostinger is one of the top WordPress hosting providers; it also offers one-click WordPress installation and the “LiteSpeed Cache” extension, which is a WordPress add-on that dramatically improves site load speed.

What is the duration of the hosting services and domain activation?

The activation time ranges from 5 minutes to an hour at most.

Alternatives to Hostinger:

Hostinger hosting is now one of the top hosting services and is continually expanding, but if it is not perfect for you, there are a number of fantastic alternatives.

  • Bluehost Hosting: Bluehost is one of the greatest and most well-known hosting brands, and the firm prides itself on offering the finest possible service in terms of storage, bandwidth, uptime, security, and support, but the rates are more than Hostinger hosting.

However, if you decide to subscribe to Hostinger hosting because of the benefits it provides for everyone and the reasonable costs, we will give you a 50% discount if you enroll via us using the link below.

As a result, we’ve gotten to the end of our full guide to Hostinger hosting in terms of the benefits and drawbacks that we discovered while using it, as well as the costs of the services it offers, as well as suggesting some alternatives. as quickly as possible.


Ghandoumy‘s meticulous review of the Hostinger web hosting platform offers insightful analysis and comprehensive coverage. With a careful examination of features, performance, and user experience, the article provides valuable insights for individuals seeking reliable hosting services. Ghandoumy‘s attention to detail and balanced assessment make this review a helpful resource for those considering Hostinger for their website hosting needs. Overall, the article combines expertise and thoroughness to guide readers in making informed decisions about the platform.