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WebHostingPad review : The Best Right Web Host for You

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WebHostingPad is a web hosting company established in the United States that is proud of its decision to make the majority of its capabilities available without limits and at a fair price. Although it is not one of the most inexpensive hosts, it will give all you want without forcing you to settle for mediocre performance.

WebHostingPad(opens in new tab) was founded in 2005 by a group of promising specialists with industry expertise, ambition, and the goal of delivering the finest quality at the lowest feasible price, so that everyone can afford a spot on the internet while still receiving first-class service. They claim to host over 200,000 domains at the moment, and that figure is growing by the minute. Their headquarters are in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and their data centers are in Chicago (the USA).

Plans and costs

The first thing we noticed about WebHostingPad’s hosting plans is the lack of feature limits.As a result, you may have a limitless number of domains, databases, email accounts, storage, and bandwidth, which is something we don’t see very frequently, especially at this price point.

The shared hosting(opens in new tab) and WordPress hosting(opens in new tab) plans start at $1.99 per month, and you’ll receive two of each: Power Plan(opens in new tab) and Power Plan Plus(opens in new tab) (opens in new tab). Each of them offers, at a least, a free domain registration, free SSL encryption, a free website builder from Weebly(opens in new tab), and limitless websites, domains, and emails, all of which are beneficial to have in the outset. WebHostingPad also offers VPS (unmanaged and managed) and dedicated servers in addition to shared hosting .


Following that, you must select a monthly period, with the longer the billing cycle, the lower the hosting cost. Committing to the whole five-year period rather than just one year (which is truly a long-term choice) will reduce the monthly fee from $3.99 to $1.99, which is half as much. Then, if you’re a new customer, you’ll have to give WebHostingPad a portion of your personal information. You can proceed to checkout after creating a password, selecting a payment method, and (preferably) reading the “Terms of Service” in detail.

Power Plan

All‑Inclusive Hosting

Power Plan Plus

Optimized for WordPress


·        Free Domain Name*

·        Free SSL & SiteLock Lite

·        Free Website Builder & WordPress

·        Unlimited Email Accounts*

·        Host Unlimited Websites & Domains*

·        Starting at just

$1.99 / mo



·        Free Domain Name*

·        Free Trusted SSL & SiteLock Lite

·        Free 1-Click WordPress

·        Optimized High-Power Servers

·        Automated & Anytime Site Backups

·        Starting at just

$2.99 / mo





Shard hosting options employ cPanel, a user-friendly Linux-based control panel that makes everything lot easier, especially for novices. Those that choose for VPS hosting will have a variety of control panels to pick from, depending on the operating system they are running. However, if you choose a WordPress hosting plan, you will be without a control panel but will have access to a content management system .

In any event, owing to the one-click installer, WordPress, as well as a variety of helpful software (such as ZenCart, osCommerce, Joomla, and others), is just a click away. Without any programming skills, you may create and operate an online shop using these applications.

Features Included with your Hosting

Complimentary Domain Name

With any WebHostingPad hosting package, you may get your own unique domain name for free for the first year.

• Create a website for free

With one of our free no-code builders, you can create a professional, responsive website in minutes.

• Email for Business

With free spam screening, auto-responders, and more, you may create an infinite number of email accounts at your domain.

• Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption for Free

With free SSL Certificates included with every hosting plan, you can build consumer confidence and secure confidential data.

• E-Commerce Compliant

Choose from a variety of prominent eCommerce shops, fill in the blanks with items and pricing, and begin selling online.

• WordPress with a single click

With just a few clicks, you can start designing, updating, and marketing your website. All plans have this feature.

• 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’ll refund your money if WebHostingPad doesn’t match your demands during the first 30 days.

• Free Analytical Software

All of our plans provide free tools to help you measure, evaluate, and enhance the performance of your website.

• Plan Structure that Scales

Our hosting options are built to help you succeed as you go from startup to success.

Free Website Builder


Powered by Weebly. Hosted by WebHostingPad.

– 1000+ mobile-ready themes and templates

– built-in eCommerce and SEO features

– create unlimited pages for free

– easy drag-and-drop technology

Experience and speed

We had high expectations for WebHostingPad‘s speed performance, and we were right, as proved by GTmetrix. In opposed to the average result of 8.1 seconds, WebHostingPad’s main website took only 2.8 seconds to fully load. A total of 59 requests were necessary at the same time, which is a reasonable number when compared to the average of 89. Finally, GTmetrix gave the website a grade of A (96%) for speed, which is very near to a perfect score.

WebHostingPad guarantees 99.9% uptime to its clients, ensuring that their servers are regularly checked to ensure that their websites are up and operating at all times. WebHostingPad offers to credit customers’ accounts one month’s worth of hosting credit for every 8 hours of downtime that exceeds the 99.9% guarantee. However, UptimeRobot (a technology that monitors the uptime of WebHostingPad’s main website) predicts that this will not be necessary. After a month of continuous monitoring, there was not a single minute of outage and just one big variation in response time, giving the impression of dependability.


WebHostingPad‘s knowledgebase is rather extensive, with a total of 156 articles grouped into pertinent sections like “Getting Started,” “WordPress,” “Weebly,” and so on. You may either move into the next division and look for the article that will answer your query, or you can use the search box to save time.

Another option is to contact WebHostingPad‘s support team, which you may do in one of three ways: by submitting a ticket, writing them an e-mail, or contacting them via live chat. The chat, in our opinion, is the quickest way to have your issue fixed, and it should be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also call them, but bear in mind that phone help is only available during business hours, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (CST).

The competition is fierce.

WebHostingPad and HostGator(opens in new tab) are two significant web hosting companies. They both provide a wide range of hosting options and endless features at competitive pricing, and may, in general, cater to a wide range of demands. However, WebHostingPad’s paying cycle is less flexible than HostGator’s (which also offers billing for 1, 2, or 3 months), so if you’re hesitant to commit for a long time, you should opt with the latter.

The final word

WebHostingPad is a well-rounded web hosting company that can deliver above-average speed and uptime, as well as some useful features, especially when the quality-price ratio is taken into account. WebHostingPad is easy to suggest, especially to newbies, because their customer assistance is on par with everything mentioned above. For newcomers and experienced alike, HostGator, Hostinger, and Bluehost are all solid alternatives whether you’re searching for something more ambitious or just an alternative.

I need more power than a shared hosting environment can provide?

WebHostingPad provides a comprehensive hosting solution that includes all of the capabilities needed to successfully create, maintain, and market a website. Offering a free domain name for the first year with any hosting package is one of the unique advantages. This saves customers money by enabling them to create a distinctive online persona.

With the addition of a free website builder, users can now construct expert, responsive websites without the need for technical knowledge in a matter of minutes. This functionality is in line with the increasing need for user-friendly interfaces that can accommodate a wide spectrum of users, from novice programmers to more experienced ones.

Professional email services improve communication possibilities. They come with an infinite number of addresses at the user’s domain, free spam screening, and auto-responders. Furthermore, all hosting plans include with free SSL encryption, demonstrating that website security is a top priority and building consumer trust and protecting personal information.

The eCommerce compatibility of WebHostingPad

is a great advantage for companies trying to get online. After selecting one of the well-known eCommerce shops, users may add goods and pricing and start selling online. The platform’s pledge to maintain a 99.9% uptime guarantee highlights its commitment to making sure websites are always accessible and working.

All plans include with free analytics tools, giving customers useful information to monitor, assess, and improve the performance of their websites. Additionally, users may easily harness the power of this popular content management system for website design, maintenance, and promotion thanks to the ease of a 1-click WordPress installation.

The scalable plan structure offered by WebHostingPad is indicative of their dedication to helping customers at every step of their growth journey—from the beginning to the end. For customers with different demands, this flexibility is essential since it guarantees that the hosting solution will continue to be reliable and efficient even as their websites grow and change. In conclusion, WebHostingPad is an appealing option for people and companies looking for a dependable and adaptable hosting solution because of its extensive feature set, dedication to user-friendly design, and scalability.

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