You are currently viewing LWS is the ideal host for individuals, enthusiasts and businesses.
LWS is the ideal host for individuals, enthusiasts and businesses.

LWS is the ideal host for individuals, enthusiasts and businesses.

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You may get the fastest possible speed for your web projects thanks to their servers’ performance!

With over 500,000 available domains, 280,000 web hostings, and 20 years of expertise, LWS is one of the greatest web providers.

It provides you with the greatest technology, and to ensure that you always get the best, its front-end servers that calculate websites have a two-year life cycle.

The LWS group consists of a number of brands and sales locations. You provide affordable web hosting options that are tailored to each customer’s needs.

You may contact the Customer Service team, which is made up of of lodging industry experts, for free for all of your queries. Within 20 minutes of you opening your request, one of their skilled specialists will react.

Is he reachable via phone, live chat, email, technical ticket from your customer area, or any of these methods? Adapt the degree of care you receive to your requirements.

1.An online address is where it all begins.

The choice of your domain name or your extension can significantly impact the success of your online project, so if you have a project in mind, the very first thing you should think about is reserving your domain name, which will be your only online address, whether it’s a generic term or the name of your company.

LWS provides you with a selection of extensions so you may improve your website and gain high online presence.

Seamless Site Transfer

Throughout the migration, access to your website will be maintained: Republishing your website on the server and configuring your domain name on the DNS servers that will be provided to you when you order are all that are required. Therefore, the transfer will be entirely obvious to your visitors.

Why purchase domains with LWS?

• In the French-speaking globe, we are one of the major domain providers.

• In the last 16 years, we have registered over 500,000 web addresses and have hosted over 180,000 websites.

• Domain registrars with accreditation (Icann, Verisign, Afilias, Afnic,, Eurid,, Pir, Nominet ..)

• Eurid recognized a domain registrar as the “Best selling newbie registrar.”

• We provide a wide range of distinctive domain extensions at extremely affordable pricing.

• Year-round low cost for domain names, unmatched value

• There are no additional fees; the amount listed is the price you pay.

• Our services to assist you in getting started go well beyond just a domain that you purchase.

• Easy-to-use domain administration tools (DNS server, subdomain, status, authentication code, contact…)

• Free support is available seven days a week in France via phone, email, and live chat.

• Each domain name comes with a lifetime SSL certificate.

• Includes the website development program SiteBuilder PRO (demo)

2.Hosting  for every need.

A website today must be reachable around-the-clock! This is why having a reliable web host is crucial. The crew is prepared to help you select the ideal housing strategy.

There are several features in the package. It is fully functional and equipped with a variety of useful tools, programs, and resources to make it simpler for you to post your project online.

Fast and optimized hosting

There are several measures in place to speed up how quickly your pages load: SSD storage, resources that are assured, Apache, PHP, plugins for caching, and Cloudflare CDN

  • FREE domain name

Your domain name serves as your online persona. Your domain is absolutely free. The most often used extensions,.com,.info,.net,.org,

  • Site creation software included

Its intuitive and comprehensive administration interface ensures independence, brevity, and reactivity. You can handle your emails, databases, domain name, and FTP accounts with only a few clicks.

• Contains software for building websites

In only a few clicks, create a customized website. You receive a website that will wow your visitors thanks to the many themes made by qualified graphic designers.

  • Expert support

The Customer Service staff, comprised only of lodging industry specialists, is available to address any of your inquiries.

• Sécurité et sauvegardes

Your website is hosted on high-performance LWS data servers with redundancy disks. Numerous regular backups are carried out for even more security.

• Auto-Installeur d’applications

15 free programs are included in the hosting packages, which you can install with only one click. Use popular software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PhpBB, and PrestaShop to enhance your website.

What are the advantages offered by LWS messaging solutions?

A domain-based email address like helps you advertise your website and business to current and future consumers and enhances your professional image. Customers are nine times more likely to select a company with an expert email address.

Your consumers may see your domain name every time you send an email from a domain-based address, which encourages them to go to your website.

All plans give you the option to create free “alias” addresses, such as one that includes your first name ( or others for the various departments (, all of which are forwarded to a single inbox to support the business’s professional image. Windows Hosting

What is ASP.NET Windows Hosting?

Microsoft Windows Server-powered hardware is used for Windows hosting.

A development platform called.NET offers a wide variety of tools, programming languages, and libraries. You may build a wide variety of apps using.NET.

The.NET programming environment is expanded by ASP.NET. It serves as a foundation for developing websites and software.

Programming languages like PHP, Java, and C# are compatible with ASP.NET Windows Hosting.

Microsoft has announced a new version of ASP.NET called ASP.NET Core. It’s an enhanced version of ASP.NET with additional features including new libraries, a more user-friendly interface, and greater functionality.

Linux hosting is available alongside ASP.NET hosting. They provide Windows hosting that enables you to develop not just robust web apps but also webpages. In recent years, this kind of web hosting has expanded in popularity.

Making the decision to host on a Windows server because you have used one is a typical error. However, there is no connection between the server’s operating system and the operating system on your computer. To execute Windows apps on the server, Windows hosting is advised. Only Windows server hosting is capable of running Visual Basic,.NET, or.ASP.

Windows Server with NVMe SSD storage

• Free domain .fr .com .net…

• Windows Server 2019 with IIS

• ASP.NET 4.8, .NET 6.0, .NET Core

• SQL Server databases

• Ajax, Silverlight…

• Plesk control panel

The strong points

• Anti-DDOS professional secure network, 24-7 help, and servers in FRANCE

• SilverLight, ASP, ASP.NET,.NET, SQL Server, and Windows Server 2019 with IIS

• Control panels for LwsPanel (mail and invoices) and Plesk

• High availability infrastructure for the cloud

• Icann and Afnic are recognized domain name registrars…

• RAID 10 NVMe SSD servers that provide guaranteed performance

• Bonus Gifts: Benefits to receiving bonuses

• Money-back guarantee for 30 days

How to create a website on Windows hosting?

Every ASP Windows LWS hosting plan offers one-click installation of well-liked programs from Plesk, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, phpBBB, and more.

You may also use the included Plesk panel to manage your hosting plan and your websites generally, examine the status of your website, and establish the customized email addresses included in your plan.

You have access to all the tools you need to build contemporary websites. Dynamic content and sites that don’t just employ HTML code can be created thanks to databases and support for other programming languages.

You may construct a distinctive and eye-catching website by selecting software, a design theme, its layout, colors, and content in just a few easy steps. It will be reachable at the website address you choose when you registered your free domain.

4.WordPress Hosting

All inclusive WordPress hosting at an unbeatable price

The WordPress LWS hosting service is unique in that it offers a ton of features and managed data at a price comparable to traditional hosting.

Many web hosts make cheap website hosting promises but afterwards tack on arbitrary fees. You may count on paying LWS’ quoted pricing for top-notch service. No dreadful shocks to be found!

Since 1999, LWS has made it a point of honor to make hosting WordPress sites accessible to everyone.

Secure and super-fast WordPress hosting

Your website is hosted on powerful servers with Intel CPUs and RAID-capable redundant NVMe SSDs.

An IP filtering firewall, a ModSecurity Application Firewall (WAF), anti-virus malware scanning, and anti-DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) network protection are also used to protect WordPress hosting.

The iThemes Security plugin is already installed, and a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (https) is available.

Your WordPress site will be fast, your pages will load without latency

Multi-Level WordPress Page Caching Modern technologies and solutions for speeding up WordPress websites. Your package includes access to the renowned Cloudflare CDN as well as cutting-edge acceleration tools including HTTP/3, PHP8, Nginx Cache, Memcached, OPcache, WP Fastest Cache, and Brotli compression.

IpXchange (Personalization of the IP of a site) (Personalization of the IP of a site)

With the help of included IpXChange, several websites may be hosted on a single hosting account and promoted using various IPs that are located in various nations.

Premium Divi Builder themes and plugins included

Elegant themes and Divi Builder are free themes and page builders that you can use. Use them for nothing if necessary.

A ready-made design theme and an easy-to-use page builder make setting up a WordPress site even simpler.

Domain name offered with each WordPress hosting

Your domain name serves as your online persona. Your domain is totally free (registration or transfer). The most popular extensions available,.fr,.info,.net,.org, be,.eu, ch,

LWS is a registrar that has received worldwide accreditation from ICANN, Afnic, and EURid.

WordPress Manager

Manage your websites without signing into WordPress with the help of the personal administration panel we’ve built for you:

• One-click login to WordPress

• Setting up the administrator password

• Test your upgrades and modifications during pre-production.

• With only one click, disable the extension causing the 500 problem.

• Controlling WordPress updates, themes, and plugins

• Full control over themes, plugins, and users

• Clone a site with one click to duplicate it.

• Web terminal access to WP-CLI tools

Automatic daily backups of your WordPress site

There are several frequent backups produced for even more security. Your data is backed up multiple times per day at LWS and stored for a few months on a separate NAS server. Your website’s web data, mail data, and MySQL databases may all be restored at any moment without incurring any further fees.

Automatic backup service that is free

Data restoration with one click from your customer area.


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