You are currently viewing Top 10 Universities in the United Kingdom : International Rankings 2022
Top 10 Universities in the United Kingdom : International Rankings 2022

Top 10 Universities in the United Kingdom : International Rankings 2022

The top 10 universities in Britain, let’s find out how they rank in 2022, along with how much it will cost to attend these schools, including the esteemed Cambridge University.

Great Britain is one of the nations with the most effective educational systems in the world, according to The Top 10 Universities in Britain for 2022. As a result, it is now ranked by the (QS) organization for ranking colleges all over the world as the second most popular study destination in the world, behind the United States. The oldest universities in the world, including Cambridge and Oxford, are located there. Let’s learn about the greatest universities in Britain and how much it costs for overseas students to attend each by academic level.

1.University of Oxford

According to the organization for rating universities (QS), the famed Oxford University was placed first among the top 10 institutions in Britain for 2022 and fifth worldwide. The institution’s main campus is in Oxford, England. The Institution of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, however its precise establishment date is unknown.

The institution has demonstrated its strong reputation via its illustrious faculty, cutting-edge educational resources, and the effectiveness of its students in the job market. Oxford University is renowned for its various amenities, including its libraries, resident halls, and dormitories, all of which provide the latest in entertainment, comfort, and technology.

Study costs in one of the best universities in Britain

In actuality, the price of attending Oxford University and other institutions varies depending on the degree of study. From undergraduate to graduate studies, different charges apply. Whether the pupils are from the UK or abroad also makes a difference. The approximate cost of education for students from abroad is as follows:

Bachelor’s degree24,000 – 34,000 GBP
Postgraduate Studies (Masters – PhD)22,000 – 28,000 GBP

2.University of Cambridge

In this year’s rankings, the University of Cambridge, the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world, came in second place. Among universities, the University of Cambridge has a distinguished position. Additionally, it beat Harvard for the first time in a long time in 2010 to be named the greatest university in the entire globe. Scientists and leaders from all across the world have graduated from Cambridge University, among them Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and others. It belongs to the Russell Group of Institutions, a collection of prestigious universities in Britain.

Study costs at the University of Cambridge

Similar to Oxford, the price of attending the University of Cambridge depends on the nationality of the applicants, their academic standing, and their chosen fields of study:

Bachelor’s degree22,000 – 58,000 GBP
Postgraduate Studies (Masters – PhD)20,000 – 35,000 GBP

However, there are more advanced and focused therapies that are more expensive and can cost up to 89,000 pounds.

3.Imperial College London

Following Cambridge and Oxford, Imperial College London was named the third-best university in Britain for 2022 out of a total of 10 institutions. It was seventh in the entire globe. It was established in 1907 and, up until 2007, was a part of the University of London’s college system. The best place to study medical, engineering, science, and business administration is at this institution, which specializes in these fields. It belongs to the Russell Organization of Universities as well.

Tuition costs in the top 10 universities in Britain

The price of attending Imperial College London, broken down by academic level :

Bachelor’s study25,000 – 40,000 GBP
Average cost of postgraduate programs£35,000

Therefore, the cost of studying in it is considered high due to its high-cost specializations (such as medicine and engineering).

4.University of London

According to the QS organization, University College London was placed fourth among British universities overall and tenth worldwide in 2022. Its headquarters are in the city of London, where it was established in 1826 under the name University of London. In addition to its high standing, University College London has always upheld the equality of sects, faiths, and races, making it unique in this regard.

Study costs in the fourth best 10 British universities

The costs of studying at the University of Edinburgh range as follows:

Bachelor’s study22,000 to 28,000 GBP
Master’s study cost£8,000 to £34,000

5.University of Manchester


In the top 10 British institutions and 27th overall, the University of Manchester came in at number six. Of course, one of the oldest institutions in the Kingdom, it has established itself as a valuable institution over the years. In terms of Alfred Nobel, 25 of its professors and students received the Nobel Prize, placing it ahead of the majority of the institutions in the Kingdom. The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, the College of Medicine and Human Sciences, the College of Humanities, and the College of Life Sciences are the four faculties that make up the University of Manchester. It is regarded as outstanding in these fields as well.

Study costs at the University of Manchester

The following price ranges represent the typical cost of attending the University of Manchester:

Bachelor’s study26,000 GBP
Master’s study£27,000

6.King’s College London

King George IV and Duke Arthur Wellesley established King’s College London in 1829. According to the QS organization for rating universities worldwide, it is also regarded as one of Britain’s most distinguished medical and research institutions, coming in at number thirty-one globally and seventh in the United Kingdom. Additionally, it is home to the world’s oldest nursing school. About 10,000 of the university’s 25,000 students are enrolled in postgraduate programs.

Study costs in the seventh best universities in Britain for 2021

Also, the average study range at King’s College London:

All grades17,000 – 34,000 GBP

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7.London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), as it is often known, took eighth position in the list of the top 10 institutions in Britain. The institution is based in Westminster, London, and is regarded as the top academic institution in its specialty. The London School of Economics is home to people from many different countries, and it has the greatest proportion of foreign students among British institutions, at 70%. One of its most notable former students is the well-known author (George Bernard Shaw).

Study costs at the London School of Economics

Studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science typically costs between:

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees21,000 – 28,000 GBP

8.University of Bristol

The University of Bristol was listed as the ninth-best university in Britain for 2022. Despite the fact that the university’s research dates back to 1876, its formal license wasn’t obtained until 1909. Additionally, it belongs to the Russell Group of prestigious universities. The University of Bristol’s faculties are dispersed around the city, and because to their historic and distinctive architecture, these buildings form an essential part of it.

Study costs at the University of Bristol, the ninth best university in Britain

Bachelor’s degree£22,000
postgraduate degrees£21,000

9.University of Warwick

The University of Warwick, which is situated in the English rural city of Coventry, appeared near the end of the series. According to certain data, it is one of the colleges with the quickest growth rates worldwide. It was able to rank among the top institutions in the Kingdom fifty years after it was founded. The university is interested in doing research, developing new ideas, and establishing partnerships with businesses throughout the world.

Study costs at the University of Warwick

Generally speaking, the University of Warwick charges about £23,000 per year on average for postgraduate study.

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10.University of Edinburgh

One of the best universities in the world, the University of Edinburgh, came in at number 15 in the 2023 QS World University Rankings. Students and employees from all over the world are drawn to Edinburgh by our entrepreneurial and inter-disciplinary culture, which produces a distinctive experience. We provide outstanding facilities and an engaging learning and teaching environment.

Finally, studying in the UK is every aspirant student’s ambition. It may be the top 10 institutions in Britain for 2022. It is a historic nation with extremely competitive institutions. As a result, the learner must exercise the necessary devotion and keep in mind that nothing is impossibly difficult.

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