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Pinterest: what is it?

Pinterest: what is it?

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By combining the ideas of social networking and photo sharing, Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann created the American website Pinterest in 2010 . Through online picture albums, it enables its members to share their areas of interest and interests with others. The name of the website is a combination of the English terms pin and interest, which respectively signify “pin” and “interest.”
Pinterest includes topics like vacation, wedding, party, and event ideas in addition to inspiration and ideas for design, fashion, clothes, and even beauty.

However, if you want to raise brand exposure, look no further because four out of ten Pinterest users utilize the site to do so. In addition, 82 % of Pinterest users who log in at least once per week claim to have bought goods after viewing promoted material there. Here, we go into further depth about how it functions.
Pinterest is one of the most well-known social media platforms. In 2021, it will have 478 million active users monthly, which is still fewer than Facebook’s active user base but is still increasing rapidly. Additionally, Pinterest is regarded as being extremely helpful for publishing your work and promoting your brand because it permits the establishment of accounts for professionals with a page for business advice.


Paul Sciarra, a former employee of a private equity company, and Ben Silbermann, a former Google employee, created Cold Brew Labs Inc. in August 2008. The company’s first CEO is Paul Sciarra, whose California house doubles as a temporary “office.” Tote is a mobile app being developed by Cold Brew Labs for the iPhone that enables users to compile a “meta-catalogue” of products using information from e-commerce websites. Ben Silbermann observes that many users of the app do so in order to compile photographs of their preferred goods. He started developing a website project called Pinterest based on this kind of usage throughout the summer of 2009. The FirstMark Capital fund made the company’s initial investment in the same year. He was followed by numerous business angels the next year.
Pinterest launch
Since the website’s beta debut in March 2010, invitations are needed to register. A year later, an iPhone mobile application was also available. In 2011, the company received funding from new investors, including the venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners (in), which contributed $10 million, and even the investment fund Andreessen Horowitz, which contributed $27 million. The business relocates to actual offices in Palo Alto. Pinterest is listed among the top 50 websites of 2011 by the magazine.


Users of Pinterest may organize online digital photos that have captured their attention into collections. The add button on the Pinterest website, a shortcut that may be built into the browser, or the traditional upload method can all be used to add photos. The image can be classed after being chosen. Additionally, a legend may be included.
Beginning in March 2013, Pinterest announced the introduction of analytics tools for approved pages in order to improve performance analysis.
Pinterest is introducing augmented reality in January 2022. By introducing a new function, Pinterest has decided to improve its user experience. The ability to see a piece of furniture in augmented reality will soon be available anywhere in the globe. An adaptation of another film, “Try On,” called “Try On For Home Decor,” was released on January 31, 2022. As a result, consumers may test out cosmetics in augmented reality. .

Traffic increase

In 2014, it is predicted that Pinterest will be valued $5 billion USD. Instapaper, a topical bookmarking tool, was purchased by Pinterest in 2016.
The website attained a valuation of $12.3 billion in June 2017, following a $150 million fundraising round, making it the ninth-ranked company in the world by value, right behind WeWork. The website, which has 250 million members, filed for an IPO at the beginning of 2019. Pinterest raises $1.4 billion in an IPO in April 2019.

Has Pinterest launched into augmented reality?

 By adding a new feature in 2022, Pinterest will improve the user experience even more by enabling the ability to examine furniture in augmented reality. In the US, he released his initial version under the name “Try On For Home Decor.” It allows you the chance to immediately imagine decorative things by placing them in your living room, with the aim of making the purchase of furniture and decorative items from the products available on the site easier.
Another “Try On” feature will be designated for beauty items on Pinterest, and it will be updated to allow users to test out cosmetics in augmented reality.

I’m done now!

… It’s up to you to utilize Pinterest as a platform to display your creations and to grow your fame, your conventions, and your sales now that you know practically everything there is to know about it.

I’m done now!

… It’s up to you to utilize Pinterest as a platform to display your creations and to grow your fame, your conventions, and your sales now that you know practically everything there is to know about it.

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