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The Golden State Warriors win the 2021-2022 NBA title

Thanks to a tremendous Steph Curry, the Warriors reclaim their status as NBA champion after a few years of waiting. Since being named MVP of the finals for the first time in his career, the Chef has established himself as the top player in this series. We may say that it is well earned, particularly for the Celtics, who were overwhelmed by the Dubs in Game 6. The task is over, and now the players may relax and enjoy themselves.

For the fourth time in eight seasons, the Warriors have won the NBA championship. Players can’t help but admire the Warriors right now, especially Steph Curry, who was awarded Finals MVP. This is the case with Rudy Gobert, who was quick to write a message after the coronation, but as you will see, he is far from alone.

The Warriors are the 2021/22 NBA champions after a 13-point win. It wasn’t easy to beat the Celtics, but Steve Kerr’s team has accomplished their goal. The franchise will return in October, but for now, it will relish this ultimate win for a few weeks. This is especially true for Steph Curry, who is simply too powerful.

The leader has earned his title of Finals MVP with 34 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. As an added benefit, and as one might assume, he solidifies his reputation as one of the finest in history. This coronation elicited a variety of reactions from the players.

Rudy Gobert and Trae Young are in a rematch following the Warriors’ championship. They are definitely not alone, as many athletes aspire to win their first championship. To beat the Dubs, though, you’ll need to be a rock in this league. The likelihood of a comeback in October is very high.

NBA — Draymond Green was a force on both ends of the floor, coming close to earning the game’s MVP based on his influence.

The Warriors welcomed Draymond Green into the locker room to celebrate his title with chants of “Fuck You Draymond.” Golden State has a sense of humour and memory. Nobody forgot about Game 3’s insults, and this third round would have had the effect of an électrochoc for the All-Stars on the inside. Transparent, and almost mentally drained by the intensity and physical effect of the Celtics, the NBA’s former best defender has learned to settle down, and most importantly, reclaim his game.

With 12 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks in Game 6, he came close to completing a “triple-double.” He even savaged the Celtics’ 3-point shooting. His fourth-quarter half-court shot also stung a lot, and his first remarks are directed at… the Boston audience!

” Their crowd was hostile toward me. But honestly… and so winning here is important,” he said as he accepted the NBA championship trophy. We were victorious!

« I’m someone who is resilient, although perhaps others thought the opposite… »

This 3-pointer in the corner in the first half is the emblem of Draymond Green’s performance. He finally found the target after a series of failures in this final. And after a little pause, he adds a second.

Even after he was penalized for a flagrant foul following a drive by Al Horford, his composure was Olympian. Draymond Green was a colossal figure, far years ahead of the Game 3 player.

Klay Thompson is one of his “brothers,” and he has a special place in his heart for him. « When one sees what he’s been through for the past two years… It’s not surprising that we’re missing when we’re not there… But he’s back, he arrived on January 9th of this year… There were all these stories that he couldn’t get enough of… He’s seen it everything, yet my brother is the NBA champion. He didn’t lose, and we needed him in order to win. It’s back, it’s back, and it’s back, and it’s back, and it’s back, and it’s back, and it’s back, and it’s back, and it’