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Pelé I Football legend throughout history

Pelé | Football legend throughout history !

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Football legend Pelé is regarded as the game’s best player since he is the only player to win the world championship three times, in 1958, 1962, and 1970.

There is no need to engage in political games with Pelé, the man of the people who led the illustrious Seleço to three World Cup victories: first, in Sweden (1958), when he was only seventeen years old; second, in Chile (1962); and third, in Mexico (1970), following the insult of being eliminated in the first round in England in 1966.

Although the political climate of the nation may have been rattled, Pelé the Untouchable soared above all crises of the dictatorship without ever losing his grin or his special kick. He will get criticism from certain demonic spirits for maintaining this neutrality during General Medici’s turbulent years. I was hardly a miracle worker, he acknowledges, but I believe I achieved a lot more for Brazil with my football and being myself than many politicians hired to do so, Pelé tells the camera in all honesty and humility.


Then, national icon Pelé develops into a complete football idol. A name was repeated as a triumphant cry. He will be affected by his global fame for a very long time, as the superb documentary directed by the British filmmaker Kevin Macdonald highlights (The Last King of Scotland). The guy, who is originally shown using a walker and slouching on an armchair, speaks simply while praising the teamwork of his friends Rivelino, Zagallo, and Jairzinho during his extraordinary voyage.

Furthermore, all three bear witness to the twelve years that they spent together during the three World Cups. Pelé weeps and speaks with tragic simplicity and honesty when the passion is at its peak.

“Pelé arrived as Brazil developed into a sophisticated nation. President of Brazil from 1995 to 2003 Fernando Henrique Cardoso described it as “a Brazil that trusted in its own success.”

The young Edson Arantes do Nascimento began playing football at a very young age owing to his player father. Edson Arantes do Nascimento was born in 1940 in a humble household in Três Coraçes, Minas Gerais. Edson works as a shoe shiner after school because his family doesn’t have much money. When he was fifteen years old, he joined Santos FC.

He rapidly gained recognition for his scoring prowess and, two years later, was named the captain of the Brazil squad that competed in the World Cup in Sweden in 1958. It was the beginning of a glittering career until the 1970 World Cup final in Mexico, when Italy was defeated 4 to 1 in a historic final.

A victory against oneself, according to Pelé, who at the age of 29 accomplished the accomplishment of leading Brazil to victories three times despite having many doubts, frequently prayed, and endured pain from his injuries

Gilberto Gil, who is known for his poetic lyrics, returns to the dark days of the military dictatorship and credits Pelé for starting this country’s psychodrama: “There was an oasis of beauty, of good and invigorating feelings in the middle of the chaos.”

After all, hasn’t he grown into a beloved celebrity whose fame will only grow with the development of television? This frenzy that is sweeping Brazil and the globe is described by a witness as follows: “The girls dreamed of having Pelé as a lover, the boys as a brother, the parents as a son, and everyone wanted Pelé as a neighbor.

The player who scored 1,283 goals in 1,367 games has evolved into a type of sage who is humbly retracing his life’s steps, never overplaying, fifty years later. Only he and his fortunate star had any faith in him. Everything else is probably magic. that of a person who once stood on a football field with wings but who still remembers this package of shoe polish on which he rhythmically taps his fingers in the batucada style.

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