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Do you know why I prefer Eco-friendly brooms and dustpans?

Introducing our latest blog on eco-friendly brooms and dustpans! 🌿 Crafted with corn strands and durable metal, these small whisk brooms embody natural elegance and efficiency. The shiny yellow hue not only enhances aesthetics but signifies a commitment to eco-conscious living. Discover the beauty in sustainability with each hand broom. 🌼🧹 Explore the harmony of nature and functionality in our exclusive review.

A distinctive collection of environmentally friendly brooms and dustpans

Discover a distinctive selection of eco-friendly dustpans and brooms where sustainability and design collide. Every item in this unique collection is made using eco-friendly materials and is intended to have a beneficial environmental impact. Find the ideal harmony between form and function, from stylish designs to efficient cleaning. Use eco-friendly cleaning products to improve the quality of your home’s cleaning routine.

Brand : Suclain
Color : Yellow
Handle Material : corn, metal
Bristle Type : Flagged Bristle
Special Feature : Lightweight
Surface : Hard Floor


Quantity and Hanger Design: there are two corn whisk brooms in this bundle, and each has a metal hanger that makes it easy to store and hang on hooks or wall brackets when not in use; Having more brooms in your collection reduces the need to get new ones right away.

High-quality materials and dimensions: these compact whisk brooms are made mostly of metal and maize strands, making them robust, natural, and efficient; Their bright yellow hue contributes to their overall beauty; About 12 x 5.5 inches (30 x 14 cm) is the perfect size for each hand broom for convenient mobility and storage.

Practicality and Effectiveness: they work well as little brooms in tight spaces and are easy to reach; They’re perfect for rapid clean-ups because of their size and versatility; The majority of debris may be effectively picked up and removed by using corn brooms for outdoor sweeping; They not only maintain your areas tidy but also provide your cleaning equipment collection a touch of rustic character.

Designed with care: these natural whisk brooms are made with careful attention to detail, offering better sweeping capabilities; Each time, the robust corn fibers provide a clean sweep by effectively collecting dirt and debris.

These handy and adaptable whisk brooms may be used in a variety of scenarios. These brooms for sweeping can come in handy whether you need to clean your car, porch, yard, garden, and more; They are lightweight and portable, and they may be used indoors and outdoors in a variety of settings.

Brand : TTS For Home
Color : Red
Handle Material : Wood
Bristle Type : Flagged Bristle
Special Feature : Angled Bristle
Surface:Hard Floor

WHAT YOU GET: Two red wooden handles that you can put together to create a whole handle, together with a strong brush head and broad surface.

Materials: Handle made of wood wrapped with jute rope; 100% NATURAL GRASS VIETNAMESE BROOM

SIZE: The length of the witch broom is around 118 cm (46 inches).The bottom’s widest point is 42 cm (16.53 inches). This is the tall person’s heavy-duty broom.

KEEP YOUR CLEANING TIME DOWN Using brooms for outside sweeping or an extra thick bristle brush head for indoors makes cleaning hard surfaces a breeze. These are the straw brooms used for outside sweeping, kitchen brooms used for inside sweeping, and other brooms (such garden brooms, etc.).

IDEAL GIFT: Angle brooms for the home can also be given as a token of affection to friends who move into new homes. It’s also a fantastic option for holidays like Christmas, Halloween (magic broom) for kids, weddings (wedding leaping broom), etc.

USE GUIDE To get rid of extra dust, tap the whisk broom natural on a hard surface outside for at least five minutes after taking it out of the package. The natural byproduct of the production process is the dust, which is derived from Asian straw broom grass.

Color : Natural
Handle Material : Wood
Bristle Type : Flagged Bristle
Special Feature : Hard Floor, Heavy Duty
Surface : Graden

serves as a tool between a rake and a corn broom has the capacity to remove both large and small trash, and it performs flawlessly on both wet and dry surfaces.

SUPERB FOR OUTDOORS: Ideal outdoor brush for clearing any kind of debris, leaves,has the capacity to remove both large and small trash, and it performs flawlessly on both wet and dry surfaces.

Designed to clean lawns, flower beds, patios, decks, roads, and so much more Excellent for light snow, leaves, and pine needles

100% ecologically friendly as well Keep it outside as a decorative element for your outdoor living area.

Constructed in Thailand using repurposed coconut tree components.A handcrafted item from Thailand is the broom. color at random.Measurement: 61 inches

IDEAL FOR TABLES: Use this tiny dustpan and brush set to remove crumbs and other food particles off tables after meals. It’s the ideal kitchen tool to keep your counters and dining room table spotless!

small DESIGN: This dustpan and brush set’s small design makes it a very useful piece of equipment. It can be kept hidden in cabinets or drawers and retrieved as needed.

Specifications: The combined dimensions of this little dustpan and brush are 6.1 x 3.9 x 1.6 inches (15.5 x 10 x 4 cm). It has handles made of beechwood and is constructed with actual horsehair.

actual HORSSEHAIR: The brush’s bristles are robust and long-lasting, yet they won’t mar or scratch surfaces since they are made with actual horsehair. Easily remove crumbs and maintain a spotless tables for your visitors.

REAL BEECHWOOD: The handles made of real beech wood contribute to the set’s durability and attractiveness. This dustpan and brush set, in contrast to inexpensive plastic ones, won’t deteriorate over time.

Using eco-friendly dustpans and brooms is a commitment to a sustainable future, not just a decision. You can help protect the environment and provide a cleaner, healthier home for present and future generations by endorsing these items. Make a deliberate decision to maintain order and livability in our earthly residence. Your purchase is one tiny action that adds up to have a significant effect. Become a part of the cleaner, greener world movement.🌍🌿

M.Ghandoumy ♥