You are currently viewing Male Extra review: our view, works, effects and user feedback
Male Extra review: our view, works, effects and user feedback

Male Extra review: our view, works, effects and user feedback

Male Extra ,One of the top erection aids available right now . In fact, the reason this dietary supplement is so well-liked is due in large part to its 100% natural content, its scientifically validated efficacy, and user reviews. In this Male Extra review, we go into further detail about the ingredients in this supplement as well as how they affect sexual function.

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Our opinion on Male Extra in Brief

We think Male Extra is a good product. In fact, we base our conclusions for each analysis especially on user input and scientific facts. Consequently, this dietary supplement provides a lot of benefits :

  • The item is entirely natural.
  • Scientific studies have shown that its constituent parts are advantageous for sexual function.
  • The side effects are unknown.
  • Positive client feedback is received.

In this study, we go into further depth about why we think Male Extra is a good product.

Presentation of Male Extra

Male Extra is a dietary supplement made entirely of natural ingredients. It has no adverse effects and doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription. The purpose of this product’s development was to combat erection issues. Male Extra is therefore promoted as an alternative to Viagra and Cialis, which, to remind you, are medications with several negative effects and contraindications.

However, it is crucial to make clear a sometimes misunderstood notion: Male Extra does not, in fact, have a well-known instant effect. In fact, unlike the medications stated before, this medicine aims to enhance the quality of erections and combat erectile dysfunction over the long term rather than causing an impending erection.

Detailed composition of Male Extra: scientific opinion

It’s crucial to examine Male Extra‘s makeup in order to comprehend how it functions better. As previously said, this nutritional supplement is based on chemicals that are either physiologically present in the human body or in nature. Here is some further information about each component of Male Extra as well as the research supporting its positive effects on erectile function and sexual performance.

Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid 500mg

Pomegranate is a fruit with a lot of ellagic acid in it. This polyphenolic antioxidant improves the quality of erections and sexual performance by boosting blood flow to the penis (source).

In fact, these antioxidants increase nitric oxide synthesis (source). However, it is known that this molecule contributes to blood channel flexibility and facilitates vasodilation (source). This system plays a crucial role in how an erection works. In fact, the penis will feed on blood throughout this process, hardening as a result.

L-Arginine HCL 600mg

The amino acid arginine contributes to the increase in nitric oxide synthesis (source). L-arginine will, in fact, cause blood vessels to dilate, increasing the amount of blood that reaches the penis (source). Studies have demonstrated the advantages of arginine supplements for those suffering from erectile dysfunction and impotence.

For instance, a research found that 37% of men with erection issues saw improvement in their capacity to get and sustain an erection after using dietary supplements based on arginine for a month (source ).

Additionally, according to previous clinical studies, consuming arginine for six weeks led to a 50% rise in nitric oxide levels in the body and a 31% improvement in the quality of erections in men with erectile dysfunction (source).

Cordyceps 25mg

A species of fungus called cordyceps is utilized in conventional Chinese medicine as a natural aphrodisiac (source). Cordycepic acid and deoxyadenosine, two compounds found in this fungus, can indeed boost libido.

These chemicals may affect the part of the central nervous system that regulates sexual desire (source).

Several clinical investigations have emphasized the advantages of Cordyceps used as dietary supplements on raising arousal and desire for sex (source). Additionally, a clinical test revealed that the quality of erections was improved in 64% of the men who took this mushroom compared to only 23.8% of the men who received a placebo (source).

Zinc (as citrate) 14mg

Zinc is a mineral that the body needs to operate properly. Additionally, it is crucial for the body’s release of testosterone (source). The scientific world has acknowledged that issues with erections, ejaculation, and libido difficulties might result from low testosterone levels in the body (source).

Additionally, some study has highlighted the impact of a zinc deficit on the body’s level of testosterone, which plummets sharply (source). However, a lack of zinc affects a lot of guys (source). Zinc supplementation would thereby boost testosterone secretion, improve erectile and ejaculatory function, and increase sexual appetite (source).

The body can more effectively absorb and utilise zinc citrate than other forms of zinc, according to scientific research. This is one of the primary justifications for selecting this chemical for use in the pharmacological formula of Male Extra (source).

Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)

Niacin, generally referred to as vitamin B3, has several beneficial health effects. This vitamin could be helpful for maintaining the flexibility and structural integrity of the blood vessels of the penis, among other things. Its impact on males who suffer erectile dysfunction has been addressed in several research (source). Niacin may also increase sexual stamina by boosting the subject’s vitality and easing weariness (source).

MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) 100 mg

A naturally occurring organic form of sulfur in the body is called methyl sulfonyl methane, or MSM. It is necessary for healthy cell activity and promotes blood circulation (source). In reality, MSM makes it possible, among other things, to promote cell growth and guarantee the replacement of blood tissue cells, a feature that may contribute to erection problems.

L-Methionine 100mg

L-methionine is an amino acid that plays a role in ejaculation and could help delay its onset (source). Indeed, this amino acid could block the transformation of histidine into histamine, a key hormone in the process of ejaculation (source). This would, among other things, improve endurance during sexual relations and thus performance in bed.

How Male Extra works and effects

Because of its all-natural makeup, Male Extra will behave differently. Your sexual interactions will get better as a result of this in many ways. These are Male Extra’s primary side effects.

Improved quality of erections

First, Male Extra will affect the blood vessels by boosting nitric oxide synthesis. It is true that this chemical will support their flexibility. This will facilitate erection by more readily inducing their vasodilation in the penis.

Additionally, Male Extra will have the ability to influence testosterone levels, enhancing sexual functions in particular by enabling erections to last longer.

Increased libido and sexual desire

Last but not least, Male Extra will enhance your performance in bed. The dietary supplement actually has the ability to postpone ejaculation and so prevent premature ejaculations, especially due to its content of zinc and L-methionine. Additionally, Male Extra might provide you more energy to improve your mood and improve your physical performance.

How to use Male Extra? Everything about its dosage

It’s still crucial to take Male Extra exactly as directed, even if it falls under the category of dietary supplements rather than medications (which is why you can get it without a prescription). It is recommended to take 3 capsules each day, each having 1,500 mg of active components.

Although you may take it whenever you like, it’s best to take it with meals to avoid forgetting. To help the body absorb the active components, each tablet is often taken with a full glass of water.

The length of the therapy will depend on your starting point as well as the outcomes you hope to achieve. To get the desired results, it is advisable to follow a treatment plan for three to six months. Since the product is entirely natural, there is no risk to your health, and the chemicals may work their magic.

Side effects and contraindications

Male Extra’s natural makeup explains why it may be purchased without a doctor’s prescription and why there are no known adverse effects. As a result, you may use it without worry because there are no known side effects that could harm your health. You won’t discover, for instance, any fake goods or sedatives that may be harmful to you.

However, because this remedy affects blood flow, it is essential to speak with a medical professional before beginning a therapy if you have any of the following traits:

  • other parallel treatments
  • chronic disease
  • hypertension
  • heart problems
  • blood clotting disorder.

Rates and terms of purchase

Here is some information on the terms of purchase, as well as the costs and offers that are presently running on the supplier’s official website, in case you are interested in this dietary supplement.

Male Extra Prices and Tariffs

90 pills per bottle are sufficient for one month. The cost varies depending on how many dietary supplements are ordered. Only on Male Extra’s official website is a short-term special deal now available. The available tariffs are shown below.

1 MONTH SUPPLY : $59.99




Where to buy Male Extra?

Male Extra cannot be purchased at pharmacies or grocery stores. In fact, the manufacturer’s website is the only place where this dietary supplement is now available for purchase. Additionally, Male Extra provides a variety of exclusive advantages on its website, including:

  • promotional discounts
  • Product excellence and complete safety
  • Free shipping and discretion are guarantees
  • A guarantee of complete satisfaction or money back
  • Payment assurance
  • No automatic delivery or billing.

Male Extra customer review

As previously stated, we relied on both user feedback and scientific information to form our judgment of Male Extra. We discovered that the bulk of the reviews on Male Extra are very positive.

We leave you with a summary of the returns discovered.

For instance, a first witness describes how results were felt after two to three weeks of therapy. This man was able to see a noticeable difference in both the quantity and quality of his erections as well as his libido.

Another comment notes that his sexual appetite and stamina have significantly improved after two weeks of medication.

As a last illustration, we have a notification stating that the male may notice a noticeable improvement in his libido and sexual performance after using Male Extra for around 15 days.

What about negative Male Extra reviews?

We want to go back to the unfavorable viewpoints that were discovered. Indeed, the bulk of negative comments express complaints about two issues:

  • Male Extra does not immediately have an impact.
  • The penis does not get bigger as a result of the dietary supplement.

These users even go so far as to deceive and lie in order get additional tax Male. The manufacturer, however, has never promoted a direct impact or benefit on sex size. On the contrary, the company makes sure to emphasize, repeatedly, that their dietary supplement has none of these effects.

Remembering that Male Extra is a natural dietary supplement, it is impossible for it to have the same long-term effects as Viagra or Cialis. Additionally, the ingredients in this dietary supplement were selected to enhance sexual performance and the quality of erections over the long term rather than to enlarge the penis.

Final opinion on Male Extra: a quality product that works

In conclusion, we have a very favorable assessment about Male Extra. In fact, the company promotes the benefits and impacts that their dietary supplement perfectly achieves:

  • better erections
  • improved sexual performance and endurance
  • increased lust and desire for sexual activity.

Additionally, unlike certain medications, this medicine has been manufactured to function over a lengthy period of time. Additionally, because of its all-natural makeup, it has no known negative effects and doesn’t need a prescription from a doctor.

There are more high-quality products available for enhancing sexual performance. You may also ask us what we think of Viasil.

As a result, we can only suggest that you try the product out for yourself. In order for you to form your own opinion on Male Extra.


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